About Us

Our Vision


Kathy Towne established Divine Threads in 2011 with the goal of connecting women with Christ and helping them to rekindle purpose in their lives. As she established this 501(c)3 nonprofit, she gathered a compassionate board as well as many volunteers to serve the needs of the community.
This board continues to serve, partnering with other community partners to provide women with various resources. We feel the results of our work speak for themselves, which is why we have chosen to share the words of professional counselor Felicia W. from Living Wholehearted below:
“Many thanks to Divine Threads for lavishly loving my client. You have made a significant impact in restoring her dignity and helping her to reclaim a piece of herself that was lost along the way.”

Our Story

Divine Threads is a gathering of volunteers and board members with one passion: making every woman we work with feel loved, feel beautiful, and know she has a purpose for her life. Divine Threads began because one woman felt the grace and love of Jesus Christ, and wanted to share that grace with other women.
We are blessed to provide clothing, styling services, and more for every woman who comes to Divine Threads. Whether she is fleeing domestic violence or is pulling herself out of poverty, we are here to support her.
A woman may enter the door of Divine Threads with little or no hope, but she will leave “clothed with strength and dignity: she can laugh at the days to come.”
Proverbs 31:25 NIV